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Engaging Marketers since 2004

Our legacy originates from the “Big Four” consulting firms. While the rest of our new firm was working with the Chief Finance or Operations Officers, we began focusing on solving problems with the Chief Marketing Officer. In 2004, we took our left-brain background and began working with the right-brainers, paving new ground in the emerging Marketing Operations discipline.
Fast forward to today, and QuintoVate has helped dozens of great brands establish efficiencies in their Marketing organizations. We work with organizations to realize their fullest capabilities in Marketing Performance: the “5th ‘P’ of Marketing.”
Our consultants join your team as your “trilingual” colleagues who lead you through challenging business problems involving Marketing, Finance, and Technology. Through our “Five Es” methodology, we engage with you to establish your program direction, deploy solutions, and support for the long-term, all while maintaining a relentless focus on the people who make it happen.

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Quinto- {kwinto} – prefix meaning fifth

-Vate {āt} – suffix meaning marked by having 

QuintoVate –  With the evolution of marketing over the years, the standard “marketing mix” containing the 4P’s has expanded.  At QuintoVate, we know the 5th P of marketing is performance. Let us help you take the steps necessary to achieve higher levels of maturity in marketing performance management.

Our diverse portfolio of clients range from the Fortune 100 to medium-sized and local businesses. We work directly with the Marketing, Finance, and IT leadership as well as the teams that support these functions. While our mission is to enhance the standing of the CMO or top leadership in any organization of any size, we work most closely with marketing operations professionals, system administrators, and marketing campaign managers.

We offer many services to best serve our client’s needs based on our proven 5E’s methodology. Whether you need help from business case justification to a Roadmap, implementation, or post-go live support, QuintoVate consultants can help at every step of the way. To learn more about our 5E’s approach, see our service offerings below.

While we know that Marketing Performance Management (MPM) is extremely important, we understand that it is only part of the equation for your marketing stack. In addition to MPM, our consulting expertise includes marketing operations, marketing automation, Salesforce automation, marketing resource management, and the processes surrounding change assurance that comes along with it all. Check out our blog page for more resources surrounding these topics and more.

Balance your team with our experience

QuintoVate's Team Approach

No one knows your organization  and your business model like the people inside your organization.  The ins-and-outs of the Marketing and Finance processes are executed daily by the folks who make campaign decisions every day.  When we engage with your organization, we become part of the team.  Our experience with dozens of other organizations handling similar problems allows you a breadth of best practices that can’t be grown inside the organization alone. Leverage what we know to complement what you know.

Building the 5th P of Marketing