Change Assurance


Establish baseline for success and procure program funding

A strong Change Assurance program means the difference between turning on technology and a transformational event for the business. QuintoVate engages with you, your executives, and other key stakeholders to build program champions across Marketing, Finance, and IT, paving the way for new capabilities that last.
Our proprietary Change Assurance model is grounded in getting to know your business objectives, corporate culture, and technology requirements to develop a framework to guide your program from its earliest vision, into funding and business case justification, through implementation, and onward to long-term upkeep and maintenance.

Engage Services

Assure Your Team

Start with Organizational Readiness

Stakeholder Readiness

Focus on The People Who Make it Work


Marketing and Finance, In Alignment

Start with organizational readiness

Change Readiness Strategy

Is your organization ready to embrace Marketing Performance Management? Does your Steering Committee consist of Leaders or Resistors? Supporters or Challengers? Are the right representatives in place not just throughout Marketing, but also in Finance and IT? And do they have the right levels of authority to make the big decisions? Our proprietary Change Readiness tools can help make sure you’re ready for the program.
Focus on the people who make things work

Stakeholder Readiness and Communication

QuintoVate’s Engage programs put people at the center of your program.  Your team members don’t just need to know “something” is coming, they need to know help is coming and what it’s going to look like!  Don’t wait until a technology training class to announce the program objectives, process changes, and role alignments.  With QuintoVate’s Stakeholder Management and Communication tool kit, we help you prepare your teams at the right time with the right message.
Marketing and Finance, in alignment

Operating Model Development

Business planning naturally revolves around the corporate fiscal calendar established by Finance, and Marketing’s role in the process is often undefined or is not conducive to both campaign planning AND the corporate calendar.
 When Marketing and Finance agree on the annual operating cycle, the processes, tools, and people align.  Help your marketers by outlining a clear understanding process for the annual budgeting and planning, PO, ongoing forecasting, accruals, and reporting cycle in a way that Finance recognizes to ensure alignment.
Enable technology for your team


Implementing technology for technology’s sake has been the downfall of many software implementations.  Leverage our Change Assurance program to put the people and the process at the center of technology.  That way, the marketing teams are ready when the tools come online.

Change Assurance Strategy