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The Foundation for Performance Management

Getting started on your Marketing Performance journey or even knowing which steps to take for your evolving process and technology needs can be overwhelming. It can be daunting to know where to begin: which tools do you need? What is your vision? Is that vision shared across your peer group and the executives? Are you ready to sell the vision?
We’ve been through this with large and small companies alike. QuintoVate’s experts can assist you as you gather your objectives or begin to articulate and socialize these objectives. Our Envision tools will help you get MPM program alignment from your key business partners and through your Finance and Procurement gating process.

Envision Services

Start Right

Get higher levels of MPM maturity in your sights.


Align around a common vision for Performance.


Highlight MPM’s benefits with quantifiable objectives.

Take your temperature

Quintessential Health Check

QuintoVate’s Quintessential Health Check helps you quantify your organization’s progress toward a successful MPM program.  Whether you’re just thinking about MPM or you’ve made significant progress, our assessment will help you look at your current and desired MPM maturity levels across seven categories to highlight the areas that your organization can better optimize.
The results of the assessment will help you communicate your MPM investment across your organization and serve to generate specific next steps and initiative recommendations to pave the way for future state maturity.
The Foundation to Move Ahead

MPM Road Map Planning

Before you begin rolling out your MPM program, make sure you have a plan to start on the right path.  Too many programs fail due to a lack of shared vision  that is both documented and communicated broadly. QuintoVate’s Road Map Planning will help you articulate your vision, gain alignment across all stakeholders, assess your data readiness and develop your data strategy, and outline the path forward.
The Road Map defines each stream of work, resource requirements, risks, communication planning, and ownership of tasks.  Partner with QuintoVate, and our tried-and-true MPM Road Map methodology will deliver the results you need to build a foundation for success.
Quantify the Benefits

Business Case Justification

Attempting to launching a program without bottom-line objectives won’t get too far past the IT, Finance, or Procurement gating processes.  Use QuintoVate’s key business drivers and return on investment approach to document desired results and communicate through any channel required for approval.
Balance your team with our experience

QuintoVate's team approach

Fast forward to today, and QuintoVate has helped dozens of great brands establish efficiencies in their Marketing organizations. We work with organizations to realize their fullest capabilities in Marketing Performance: the “5th ‘P’ of Marketing.”

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