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Find the Tier that Fits Your Needs and Budget

With Q Care, your organization will receive tailored services based on your needs and size. Services include everything from ongoing advisory for future-state of program, end user alignment to operational protocols, Help Desk and Solution Support, training (as needed), changes to configuration/connectors, and best practice insights. Leverage our team members to make the most of your marketing technology investment to take your marketing to the next level.

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Weekly Status Reports

Custom Training Sessions

Support Your Admin

Dedicated MPM Expert

Guided Marketing Performance Services 

Program Guidance

Data Cleansing

Fiscal Year Rollover Assistance

Ongoing Communication Plan

Reporting & Analytics

Project Support

Regular Stakeholder Assessment

End User Support



For organizations with up to 5 Marketers 


3 Scheduled

3 annual working sessions


For organizations with 5 to 25 Marketers 



12 annual working sessions


For organizations with 25 to 100 Marketers 



On-Demand working sessions



For organizations with 100+ Marketers 

Call for Pricing


On-Demand working sessions


Making the Most of Your Program

Ability to interface with industry experts on best practices

Account representative can fill administrator role if needed

Flexible and scalable pricing model

High quality custom services and deliverables

Access to knowledge of expert services and how it connects to your technology stack

Knowledgeable account representative who understands the needs of your organization

Dedicated individual who helps drive progress within your program

Quick turnaround times on advice, materials, and responses to give your organization

Q-Care F.A.Q.

What does Q-Care Provide?

Help desk and solution support, ongoing project core team meetings, training (as needed) for end users, as needed advisory for future-state of a program, identify necessary platform changes and enhancements (i.e. reports, connections, fields, and views), work with end users and technology providers to resolve technical issues.

Does Q-Care take place of my administrator?

Q-Care offers both Admin Support and Admin Replace options.  Q-Care Admin Support offers your current administrator an extra layer of support, so they can perform their job more efficiently and effectively. If your organization is currently looking for a new system administrator, check out our Q-Care Admin Replace option.

I don’t know what tier is right for my organization?

Our tiered approach is primarily based on how many marketers you need supported. However if you still need help choosing between tiers, we would be more than happy to assist you throughout the process. Call 402-392-4017 or email us at

How does Q-Care work?

Depending on your tier level, we set up weekly calls to discuss marketing technology advice and needs. We work hand-and-hand with your marketers to help you to reach higher levels of marketing maturity.

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